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posted Dec 09, 2010 06:09:06 by AmandaGremling
The part about the machetes was very interesting...I would have never known about that if I hadn't read this.
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AmandaGremling said Dec 09, 2010 06:25:08
This was not only informational, but also a very thought provoking article....I cant believe this kind of hatred exists in the world....even still today. It's so frustrating!!
MeghanThomas said Dec 09, 2010 06:28:54
Amanda's right, although it may sound is nauseating to think that people can hate people for such insignificant reasons! This made me want to change the world!! :)
CKYkrew said Dec 09, 2010 08:09:02
It's what extremist do. There is no one inside there heads talking them out of the decision there going to make. It's like there on auto piolet and there half zoned out and half acting as the monsters they were brainwashed to be.
BrittneyNolivaiko said Dec 09, 2010 17:44:31
It's hard to think that these events have occurred recently and continue to occur in different parts of the world. One would think that as society advances that the nature of people would too. It seems as time goes by people become more hateful.
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